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The Mapbender Client Suite is a framework for managing spatial data services. Have a look at the Mapbender Portal, the map frame, buttons, layout, etc. are the visible parts of the Mapbender framework. Mapbender does not contain any maps or map server software itself but it can display any existing interoperable services. Maps are stacked on top of each other and they can be distributed throughout the world.

Mapbender integrates easily with any existing architecture and web site. Find a list of current functionality in the Modules section.

Technical description

Mapbender provides interfaces for displaying, navigating and querying OGC OWS services (e.g. WMS, WFS-T, WMC). The Mapbender framework additionally provides interfaces for user and group administration and management functionality for accessing maps rendered and data served by OGC Open Web Services. The Mapbender data base model has been designed to implement multi-client capabilities with respect to users, groups, interfaces and services. The following three basic components make up Mapbender.

  1. Users and Groups
  2. User Interfaces (graphic user interface)
  3. Map Services (OGC Open Web Services)

Currently the focus of Development has shifted to WFS-T functionality, catalog and gazetteer services (check Modules for the current status). If you have any suggestions on what you are missing in Mapbender, have a look whether there are more users with the same idea in the Change Requests section.

Mapbender software covers the following topics:

  • Web-GIS Client (OGC WMS, WFS, Catalog Service Client)
  • Geo-CMS (Content Management System)
  • Web-based Digitizing/Editing Functionality (OGC WSF-T Client)
  • Security Management (Authentification, Authorization)
  • Accounting Management (Logging)
  • Spatial Web Services Orchestrating

Find the description tp all features in the Development and Modules sections of this web site. For further information subscribe to the Mapbender Mailing Lists or [1].

What is Special about Mapbender?

There are several other Open Source clients, some standalone and some maintained under the hood of OSGeo. There are several threads to learn about the differentiating chatacteristics.