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Please observe that this page has been introduced recently. If you have comments on how to improve it please let us know (find out how to in the MapbenderWiki:Community Portal).

Choose a language version:

We would like to ask for more Translations :)

If you are able to speak languages which are not displayed here at the moment, it would be nice if you could do a translation of the Using Mapbender Chapter for your language. We suggest to add French, Spanish, Dutch, Arabic, Turkish, Chinese, Greek, Czech, Italian (those are the ones we know are already using Mapbender) or any other that you might be interested in.

We don't believe that translating the whole Wiki in all these languages makes sense, but the Using Mapbender does make sense to enable people get a start with Mapbender.

How to start a translation:

  1. If you don't have a Mapbender-Wiki account, ask for an account at [mailto: astrid_emde@osgeo.org]
  2. Make a new entry at this page:example: * MyLanguage: [[Using Mapbender translated in your language]] [[What is Mapbender translated in your language]]
  3. Copy the english chapter Using Mapbender` in your [[Using Mapbender translated in your language]]
  4. translate it to your language
  5. create a Wiki-Link [[translation : Toolbar]]
  6. Copy the english chapter [[Toolbar]] to your new link [[translation : Toolbar]]
  7. translate the toolbar chapter
  8. Copy the english chapter What is Mapbender in your [[What is Mapbender translated in your language]]
  9. translate it to your language
  10. got to the Version History and announce that there is a new translation
  11. give yourself a pat on the back - you did a good job. Thank you.