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The Mapbender code base is managed in a code repository. The software used is Subversion or in short SVN.


The repository can be accessed with anonymous account at the URL

Use the HTML browser to view code online. The current working version is on directory trunk.

Stable Code

Please observe that the latest code in the repository is not the version that you want to be using on a productive system. It is the development version which changes practically every day whenever a developer checks in updated code or adds new modules. To get the latest stable release go to the download page. This is the latest stable version that is also used in productive environments. This version is largely free of bugs and if there are bugs there are ways to work around them.

The latest version in the repository can break at any time, so please only use it on your development or testing environment.

Access with SVN Client

You can access the Code Repository by installing a client for the software subversion (also called SVN) locally. The command line tool svn implements the full functionality of subversion. To install subversion on a Ubuntu linux system simply use:

sudo apt-get install subversion

To download (check out) the current trunk version go to the folder where you want to create the code structure and use the command line tool svn:

svn co

You can also use a third party SVN client choosing from several software packages. There are tools for the command line people, applications for the Windows user and full fledged development environments like Eclipse developed by the Apache Foundation.

Write to the SVN

Only Mapbender Developer with commit privileges have write access. To write to the code repository first authenticate with your OSGeo account and password. This is a safety measure to ensure good quality and prevent berserks from breaking the code. Additionally it sorts out who did what so that in a case of conflict people can resolve the issues.

Commits Mailing List

Every time code is checked in by a developer an email is generated by SVN. This is a valuable source of information for developers as it shows who is currently working on which part of the code. If you are interested in seeing what is going on in development you can subscribe to the commits Mailing List (watch out, lots of traffic). The more people who actively contribute to the review process the higher the quality of the software. This is called conspicuous code review.

Join Development

If you think you qualify for the job of developing code for Mapbender we are happy to add you to our development team. Please do not be disappointed if we do not issue accounts right away, usually it takes a few months or at least weeks until we get to know you better and had a chance to see how your contributions fit into the general direction of development. So the first thing that you would want to do is introduce yourself on the Mapbender Mailing Lists for developers and maybe throw some code over the fence so that we can have a look at it. All Mapbender developers should follow the commit guidelines.

For SVN write access you need to register an Ldap account at OSGeo (this account is also valid for the Issue Tracker). After this, an administrator (contact the developer list) will add the new user to the SVN.