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Mapbender Users, Developers and Steering Committee

Mapbender is developed by three inclusive groups:

  • The Mapbender PSC decides on functionality, release plan, licensing and development in general.
  • Mapbender Contributors contribute to documentation, testing, packaging, etc. All active developers (code and content) are in this group. This group can vote on issues brought up by the steering comittee.
  • The largest group of active Mapbender Users communicate through the Mapbender Mailing Lists for support and help. All developers and the PSC will read the lists. Anybody on this list can propose a request for change or bring up issues with the board resulting in a Voting Process.

Code Sprints

A lot of activity happens during Code Sprints that take place throughout the year and in different locations. Anybody is invited to join Mapbender Code and Development Sprints, it is the best place to get into personal contact with the developers.

Already a developer?

mandatory requirements

  • First and foremost, check if your contributions are done!
  • Maintain your user site, for example User:Christoph Baudson. For example, add the entry
    to your user site.

be responsible, foster sustainability

Recommended tools



  1. Write a Mapbender module (v2.7+)
  2. Module Template: Simple button (v2.7+)
  3. Module Template: Toggle button (v2.7+)
  4. Module Template: Toggle button with map interaction (v2.7+)
  5. JSON RPC example (v2.6+)
  6. Internationisation tutorial (v2.7+)
  7. Communication between modules (v2.7+)
  8. When to include which files (v2.7+)
  9. Layout concepts (v2.7+)
  10. Changing the theme of your application with jQuery UI theme roller
  11. Object oriented JavaScript
  12. arrays with unique entries
  13. JavaScript pitfalls: null, false, undefined, NaN
  14. Javascript: Deleting object properties
  15. Oddities


For some long running projects special Workgroups have been created.

Not a developer?


Write an email to (see Mapbender Mailing Lists)

How to contribute

  1. join the mailing lists
  2. apply for a Wiki account
  3. Send your code to the developer list
  4. become a developer

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