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Mapbender jQuery UI application

Screenshot Mapbender application template_jquery_ui
  • view demo jquery ui
  • description: This application shows some jQuery UI components which are now being used by Mapbender application elements. Currently there is a only a slider, an accordion and some effects. This application will contain some more items, featuring UI dialogs or the jQuery datatables plugin. The application is also themed by the jQuery UI CSS framework. Click 'Custom theme' to start the jQuery UI Themeroller (Firefox only).

Mapbender layout application

Screenshot Mapbender layout

Mapbender layout with OpenLayers

Screenshot Mapbender layout with OpenLayers

Mapbender digitize application (digitizing via WFS)

Screenshot Mapbender application gui_digitize
  • view demo digitize
  • description: this application offers digitize functionality via WFS. It offer creation an modification of points, lines, polygons. You can move, insert and delete vertices. It offers clone functionality, union and split functionality. You can save parameters with your data. You can set up a user specific application
  • view similar applications basic WFS demo

Mapbender application gui

Screenshot Mapbender application gui

Mapbender application gui1

Screenshot Mapbender application gui1
  • view demo application
  • description: this application offers some basic Mapbender features measure, change EPSG, add WMS, save and load WMC, load CSW

Mapbender meets OpenLayers

Screenshot Mapbender meets OpenLayers

Mapbender basic

Screenshot Mapbender basic

Mapbender basic with zoomBar

Screenshot Mapbender basic with zoomBar

Mapbender WFS

Screenshot Mapbender WFS

Mapbender print demo

Screenshot Mapbender print demo
  • view demo
  • description: this application offers a demo of the new print functionality. The print offers a printframe that can be positioned by drag an drop. The printframe can be minimized/maximized with the mouse and you can rotate the frame. The PDF output is not generated from scratch, but is orientated on a PDF Template for every layout (format/size) you want to offer. There are already PDF-templates with Logo, Frame, static textes present as templates. You have to prepare configuration-files for every layout. In the configuration files is defined which pdf-template should be taken for which layout.
  • see also PrintPDF_with_template

Use the Mapbender portal to surf around the globe. Please observe that most map services that are referenced on this site are operated by companies, organizations and public administrations that are not associated with the Mapbender project in any way. Click on the button Add filtered list off.png to add more map services. The displayed selection is only a fraction of all services that can be accessed worldwide.

All links are provided as is and can be used to try out the software. Do not use any service for professional use before verifying that the associated Copyright and license terms allow the intended use. In some cases services may fail to reply or work incorrectly. Find more OCG Capabilities documents at