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There are too many people who have helped since Mapbender and its predecessor was launched in late 2000 to thank them all. It included moral support, financial support, code contributions, sample datasets, and bug reports from literally hundreds of people. However, below we would like to single out a few people and organizations who have supported Mapbender over the years. Forgive us for all those we left out.


Mapbender has joined the OSGeo Sponsorship Program in 2009. Please consider becoming a sponsor.


WhereGroup located in Bonn, Germany
Core Support for all aspects of Mapbender in German, English, Spanish and Italian.

in medias res

in medias res located in Freiburg, Germany

Thomas Baschetti

Thomas Baschetti located in Osnabrück, Germany


Metaspatial located in Bonn, Germany


geoinformation+planung located in Tübingen, Germany


terrestris located in Bonn, Germany


For a list of our active developers Ohloh has an overview of commits:

Thanks to

The Open Source Geospatial Foundation operates the technical infrastructure used to develop Mapbender. This includes the SVN code repository, demo server, Mailing Lists, Issue Tracker, HTML IRC and takes care of legal aspects.

join the FOSSGIS e. V.

for the support of the developer sprints

join the FOSSGIS e. V.

for the support of the developer sprints