2015-06-26 Mapbender at FOSSGIS Hacking in Essen

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Mapbender developers' meeting in Linuxhotel in Essen


  • Modularisation


  • Andreas Schmitz
  • Raphael Syed
  • Andriy Oblivantsev
  • Astrid Emde

What we did

We worked on the modularisation of Mapbender3 which will come in the next but one version ( Why Modularisation? It will make update easier. Each element will be placed in its own repository and will be tagged with versions. The composer will fetch all the repositoriers to build up Mapbender. You could tell the composer to get a different version of an element.

Read more at https://github.com/mapbender/mapbender/wiki

Reas more about the FOSSGIS Hacking at: http://www.fossgis.de/wiki/FOSSGIS_Hacking_Event_2015_Nummer_3